Sursuri Li 3 Ullu Web Series Download And Watch Online Now

The story of the Sur Surili 3 will continue after the end of Sur Surili part 2

With the web series, the cast has done a brilliant job. Maahi Khan, Nidhi Mahawan and others have impressed viewers with their acting talent. The makers can provide more episodes in the second season of Ullu as a reward for all viewers who like the first part and are eager to see more of this series.

Maahi Khan is a good actress and she has already lead the Ullu web series Sur Surili 1, Sur Surili 2 and Sur Surili 3. She is also getting popularity with her role in the web series Ullu.

Story Of  Sursuri-Li

Sur and Surili are a married couple and are desperately trying to have the romantic night they have long dreamed of. Despite being together in their home over the course of many years, they have yet to have what they call 'the torrid night' - when all the fantasies they have shared come true. Despite their best efforts, destiny has different plans.

Cast Of  Sursuri-Li:

  • Ajay Mehra (Sur)
  • Nidhi Mahawan (Surili)
  • Shanker tripathi (Rajan)
  • Ankur malhotra (Dawood)
  • Mahi khan (Kamini)

Details Of Sursuri-Li:

Release Date: Jul 15, 2022

Season: 3

Language: Hindi

Platform: UlluApp

Production: Ullu Digital Presents

Director: Hasan Shahid Naqvi

Producer: Vibhu Agarwal

How To Watch And Download Sursuri-Li

Sur Surili 3 is a web series that will be available to stream on the Ullu App. To watch Sur Surili 3, you'll need to subscribe to the Ullu App and download the app on your mobile device. Once that's done, you can open the Ullu App and watch Sur Surili 3!


Sur Surili 3 is a movie of NIDHI MAHAWAN,MAHI KHAN and JAY SHANKER TIPATI. The release date of Sur Surili 3 is Jul 15, 2022. The popular movie of Nidhi Mahawan are :Sur Surili 2,Sur Surili,Lootera,Dahej Me Saala ,Lovely Massage Parlour Part 3.

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